Thursday, 18 April 2013

Welcome to my blog

Hi! My name is Bethany. Im 14 1/2 (that 1/2 counts.) I live in Kent, England. Im new to the whole blog thing, but i thought for my first post i'd tell you a little about me.
1. My full name is Bethany Eloise Ward
2. I live with my Mum, Stepdad , Sister and Brother
3 My sister and Brother are called Isabelle and Harrison.
4. i like to act.
5. i want to be an actress
6. i have a huge crush on Ryan Reynolds and Tom Daley
7. i can't swim very well
8. my favourite colours are purple and blue.
9. my favourite shop is topshop
10. My best friends are Monica and Faye.
11. Im very bad at socializing.
12. i mess things up frequently.
13. i have a hamster called daphne.
14. i love CHEESE.
15. i cried when busted split up
16. my favourite city is new york.
17. i like the vaccines, the strokes, mumford & sons, kings of leon, charlie simpson (from busted)
18. im very talkative
19. i own an iphone
20. i love online shopping
thats just 20 things about myself. i didn't want to bore you
Beth x